Agile Factory

The Agile Factory Team brings together the Product Management, Engineering (R&D) and Cloud Services (Hosting) teams (250+ people).

Product, Engineering & UX

This team has both a strategic and operational role. We define and execute the roadmap for Talentsoft Platform. Our team is spread over 15+ squads, each composed of developers, QAs, Product Owners and Product Managers. We use Agile Methodology in Paris and Nantes offices. We work on technologies like C# .net, Javascript, and more, as well as mobile technologies.

Our team is organized into 3 product lines: Talent Acquisition (TA), Talent Management (TM) and Learning & Platform.

The Architecture team participates in the “Design” of the products and projects for the Agile Factory. We work with all the technical teams (Product / CloudServices / DevOPS …) to define the future of Talentsoft products. We take into account the constraints of a big SaaS editor: scalability, future growth, security, maintainability… 

Operations & Enablement

Customer experience is the new battlefield in business. Our goal is to industrialize the material needed by end-users in order to nurture life-long customers. We have an impact on the entire customer journey, improving client satisfaction to match the quality of our product.  

The enablement team is an important part of any software engineering company. We enable customers to make the most efficient use of our products. For us, the potential to ramp up an organisation’s collective expertise lies partly in the organization’s ability to self-educate.   

Documentation ties into product development and we cover all functionalities for all end-user roles. We also provide best practices and business cases so that our users can recognize themselves within our functional and technical documentation, at any level. 

In addition to documentation, our users can benefit from a wide range of e-learning tutorials provided by the training team. They provide concepts, demonstrations and examples. They also give you the opportunity to test your knowledge via quizzes, gamification and exercises based on specific scenarios.   

As for the translation team, our mission is to enable our clients to reach their global markets by providing them high-quality software localization and language translation services. It is a very technical job, requiring each translator to have a perfect understanding of the source text and the context in order to produce a translation that accurately conveys the same meaning as its source. 

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Cloud Services

The Cloud Services Team was created to help Talentsoft achieve its goal of becoming the number 1 cloud company in Europe. The Operational Team joined forces with the Dev Tools Team to form DevOps. 

We have implemented the best practices seen in the market over the past 2 years and are now at the exciting stage where we can innovate. We can figure out specific issues that aren’t seen elsewhere. 

We work closely with the R&D Team, but also the Customer-facing teams to determine where problems come from. 

There is a real synergy between the Ops Team (in charge of the customers’ platform) and Dev Tools Team, with QA Tools Team, and SSI working closely together. That’s what makes the DevOps teams quite exciting. The whole development pipeline is a process from end-to-end from the ideation of the product to the development. In each stage you need support from tools. Our main advantage is that we can see the whole pipeline.  



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