Customer Care

Our goal

Co-construction is really important to us. For everyone’s benefit, we share feedback about each other’s work to celebrate success and learn from mistakes. We are not afraid of making mistakes as they are learning opportunities for us. It is this atmosphere in particular that makes people really want to take the extra step and push forward. We inspire each other to take on new challenges and roles that we may not have previously thought possible.

What we do

Our team works with Customer Success Managers, in the Sales organisation, the most. We really feed off one another. We share information and offer help when someone’s client needs extra attention. We make sure we are in constant communication to give the best service possible to the customer.

We also work closely with Technical support. Customer Care is really a functional expertise. If there is technical problem, we call our siblings within customer services, the tech team.

And lastly we work with the Professional Services Team. They have a very methodological approach to the software; everything is planned in advance. On the Customer Care Team, we have a more day-to-day view of the software, so we approach it differently. The Professional Services Team comes to us with questions like “how would you do this?” and we go to them with questions like “how would you build this? Where would you start?” Our teams balance each other nicely.

Office preview

Advice for someone joining the team

Apply yesterday! Really just be open to new cultures. We are an international team with a lot of different cultures and a lot of different ways of working. People who thrive in our jobs are people who enjoy new and unexpected challenges. That is what brings out the best in people and in our team’s work.

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