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The Finance & Legal Team supports all Talentsoft teams. We are made up of 3 main groups: Customer Lifecycle and Support as well as Legal. Customer Lifecycle includes contract desk, and cash collection. Support includes accounting, financial planning & analysis, and project. Legal is fully integrated into both groups. Each subgroup is made up of 3-4 people.

On the Customer Lifecycle side, we have a lot of interactions with the Sales and Marketing Teams as we draft and review contracts, handle invoicing, and monitor payments and cash inflows from clients.

What we do

On the Support side, we work with … everyone at Talentsoft ! We implement financial tools that each employee uses for invoicing, contracting, and data analysis. Our team is the “gatekeeper” of ARR data. We collect and pay invoices, manage bank accounts, and give the financial picture of the company each month. We analyze the current budget and set it for the coming year, review sales commissions, and produce monthly reviews.

Legal is at the intersection of the two main groups above, but also has its own area of intervention covering all Talentsoft domains such as general legal compliance of all Talentsoft departments, GDPR compliance and guidance, litigation management and corporate governance management.

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Advice for someone joining the team

Our team shares a lot. Like most teams, we have weekly meetings, but also share ideas aloud spontaneously throughout the day. You will often see team members stopping by each other’s desks to share information. We have a strong team spirit and support each other. If a team member is struggling with something, no one hesitates to jump in and lend a hand.

Advice for someone joining the team: have fun! Don’t be shy to ask questions. Know that everyone makes mistakes; that’s part of the journey!

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