Our goal

The marketing Team strives to be recognized (internally and externally) for cutting-edge marketing programs that impact growth significantly. During this journey we want to convey the spirit of Talentsoft and embody what it means to be and act global.

We drive Talentsoft’s growth 3 ways: we leverage thought leadership to create a singular brand identity. We leverage technology to scale demand generation fast. We build strong communities of customers and partners to increase engagement and visibility. Having these three missions means that there is a lot of variety on our team; we recruit creative types, “geeks,” top project managers, etc. In everything we do we are creative, global and team-oriented.

What we do

On our team, leadership is a two-way mission. There is a lot of co-construction, listening and giving feedback so we all move forward. Our team is becoming even more successful by using tools and data analysis. We collaborate with the Sales, Customer Success, Customer Care, and Product Marketing Teams. Our team works hand-in-hand with the Product Marketing Team so that we can take their messages to market. And we have started working on “voice of the customer” projects, which allow us to stay up-to-date on what customers are talking about, what they like about the product, and what needs to improve. Having this feedback helps our team build programs that engage better with customers.

Office preview

Advice for someone joining the team

Bring chocolate! On a serious note, be prepared for the unknown and unexpected. You need to have an adaptable mindset on this team because things change quickly. Also be ready to learn every day. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and understand what people’s everyday life is like. Be a good communicator in both French and English. Get involved, and really decide which projects you want to work on.

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