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Our team is about...

The HR Team is a key player in the transformation of Talentsoft as a whole. By fostering the professional development of Talentsoft employees, we are enabling people to evolve the company from the bottom-up. This is especially important as Talentsoft is at the scale-up stage. We need to enable people in order to keep up with the market both product-wise and people-wise as we grow into a global company.

We want to create and collaborate, implementing relevant tools and processes. We work with all Talentsoft teams to capture their needs and co-construct solutions to make sure we find an answer that really covers each team’s needs. We are designing and implementing a strategy to maximize collaboration across all Talentsoft teams in order to have the highest performing teams possible.

Our team has both a strategic and operational role, so we need to be pedagogical and explain both the strategy and its execution to everyone in the company.

What we do

When it comes to recruiting, we are focusing on both hard and soft skills. Our aim is to train our employees for today and for tomorrow. We have a social responsibility to ensure the future employability of our employees.

Our team is made up of several departments:

– Compensation Benefits, Administration & Payroll

– Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

– Learning & Development

– HR Business Partnership

– Working Environment, Office Management & Purchasing

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Advice for someone joining the team

Keep in mind that we are in a scale-up stage. We are adding more structure and processes to the company, while also staying agile. Joining us now is an opportunity to live this transformation from a mostly administrative HR function to a leading function of the company. Know that you will have space to grow here. We expect people to be team players, to be collaborative, and to come with ideas.

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