Professional Services

Our goal

We are in charge of the deployment of Talentsoft’s solutions in our clients’ offices. Our team includes a total of 140 project directors, project managers, solution consultants and technical consultants across all of Talentsoft’s locations.

Our implementation services combine HRIS expertise, adaptable methodologies, and a consulting approach to deliver successfully on a global scale.

Conjointly with the Customer Services and Customer Success Management Teams, we offer consulting services and implement best practices to help our clients optimize the way they use our solutions. We are in close collaboration with all our integrator partners to make sure the roll-out is performed at the highest level of quality and expertise.

Who we work with

We work closely with the Sales Team and the Agile Factory Team. This collaboration allows us to understand and share information about clients’ needs and expectations and helps ensure that our products are adapted to those needs. We also work with the Marketing Team to gather customer testimonials and feedback for events and promotional material.

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Advice for someone joining the team

Community is essential to our team as we are rooted in the sharing of knowledge and the enrichment of our approaches.

Be flexible and proactive. We value teamwork, so interpersonal skills are very important on our team. Be curious, and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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