Sales & CSM

Our goal

With exponential growth comes amazing opportunities. To deliver sustainable growth, we nurture strong relationships with prospects and customers. By leveraging a great understanding of both our product’s value and the market’s state, we aim to help companies taking the next steps in preparing for the future of work.

A few words about daily work

There is a lot of variety on the Sales Team; we manage both pre-sales and sales, as well as enterprise and mid-market clients.  

On a day-to-day basis, we work with the professional services team, the marketing team, and the integration team in charge of partners.  In every team there is an open mindset. Everyone is interested in hearing about best practices and learning others’ professional experiences. 



Office preview

Advice for someone joining the team

Everything is possible. That’s the great thing about a scale-up. There is a very dynamic environment. We give feedback and we listen to each other. Even someone new to the company can give people, including the co-founders, input and have an impact right from the start! That simply does not happen at giant tech companies. It’s really up to you to define your limits, to suggest changes if you see the need

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